Saturday, May 25

Day 25, Saturday: Err day in may!

Saturday 25th,
Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad)

When I started losing weight I wasn't very open about it. I didn't post on face book that I was about to change my life completely, why because I'm afraid of failure. Other then my brother and his wife no one really knew. Since I lived with my brother I looked at him brother for support the most. It was well revived he was my motivation, without him I may have failed. When he would see me eating something that wasn't good for me or drinking it, he would give me a hard time about it. Not in a rude your gonna be fat way. But in the "come on sis, you know you shouldn't eat that" and the next day he would come up with some fun idea in the kitchen and teach me how to eat something that was good for me, or how to cook foods that weren't so good for me in a way they would be healthier. He wasn't a hard ass on me, which I needed because honestly I probably would of gave up. He was amazing, he listened, encouraged and gave me discipline all in a way that I needed it personally. I'll never forget when I told me bother I wasn't obese or over weight anymore, and he was like it was all you. He was so proud of me, and every time he would see me after I moved out he would make me feel like a million bucks! I never thought I could do it, I never really believed in myself. It was my brother who did, my brother who was right. Ill never forget it, I hope he knows how much appricate I have!

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