Friday, May 24

Day 24, Err day in may!

Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

I blame others for problems.
- As childish as it sounds, thats one of the worst things about me. If theres someone else to blame I'll blame them.

- I just dont have time for bullshit, Theres a million things wrong with the world so if you come to me thinking ill be your shoulder to cry on, you might want to make sure its a good one!

I hold in my feelings untill I snapp
- If something/someone is really bothering me, I let it build and build until I snapp and burst into tears. I scream, and cry, stomp my feet. Similar to a 4 year old

* Anyone else have a hard time finding traits that are bad about themselfs. I try to be so postive and not focus on the negatives, but it helps me realize I'm only human.

Have a good weekend love bugs!

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