Saturday, May 4

Day 1 - Jays Game

If you dont know this about me you may be surprised, if you dont agree with it you may even unfollow me, any im okay with that.

I smoke weed.

There I said it, not a little here and there. ALL THE TIME. In the last 3 years, ive never missed a 4/20. This year wasnt going to be any different untill Amy invited me to the game!
She frowns upon my drug use, main because I use it as an anti depressent *untill next wk when I grow up and ask my doc for actual meds* and said I could have the ticket if I could stay sober for the game. pfft, easy peezy lemon squeezy! And, am I ever glad I did. Even if the jays lost 5-3. It was still a great game.
The trip up to the city wasnt the greatest, it started snowing and the clouds were gray. However I wasnt going to let that ruin my day. I got dressed up in my jays gear, and we hit the road.

The game started at 1pm, but we got there early to watch the boys practice, and to my surprise sign stuff! How f'in cool right. I got my hat signed by josh johnson , who doesnt look that big on TV but let me tell u homie is like 6'7, hes a monster! & Jose Bautista, sign Jacobs Glove & Pocks Jersey. It was starting out to be the best day ever!

After we got our stuff signed we grab lunch since Amy bought my ticket I paid for lunch 56 FLIPPIN BIG BUCKS for 4 slices of pizza and 4 drinks, HOLY HANNAH! If i didnt get a free Tshirt for applying for some credit crad Ill never use I would of been a unhappy elf!

The game started out 0-1 yankees, then 3-0 yankees wasnt looking good then BAM we get a home run, or a few RBI cant remember either way we tied it up 3-3 baby! then the 8th inning passed, and the 9th, and the 10th and then I was all like I really dont care who wins I wanna go. In the 11th inning the yankees won getting a double making it 5-3 Yankees, and me a sad panda.

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