Monday, April 15

This weekend I ..

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This weekend I,
Spent all day friday at work till 10pm, FML

This weekend I,
Had a very long heart to heart with my brother, I had no idea he felt so strong about me wanting to move away

This weekend I,
Said goodbye to Chris, well sorta..

This weekend I,
Hungout with the farmer & lil bro while watchin the dave chapell show!

This weekend I,
Had lunch with my main hoe & her kiddo B

This weekend I,
did not drink!? WHHHHHHHHHHHAT!

This weekend I,
Relized how hard it is to try and save money when there so much cool shit going down!

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  1. I am hosting a blog hop right now, I'd love for you to stop by and link up :)

    xoxo Tori

    1. you had me at blog hop! lol Ill def stop by shortly :)