Tuesday, April 16

Am I still a child..

A childs mind is the most innocent thing. They speak what they think with no thought, theres no filter. Which is what I love about children, I wish I could be like this more in life. Imagine how better you would feel if you could tell everyone how you felt. That annoying MIL, tell her he cooking sucks and she baby'd her son so much that its effecting part of your relationship. Tell that coworker that the smell like ass and not even a shower would help them. Once I my nephew was walking behind me, and just blurted out "auntie you have a big butt". Well jeez thanks kid, I hadnt noticed!I also love how blind they are, blind the the grownup world. Blind to the fact that sometimes life just sucks for no reason. Sometimes your boss just is having a bad day, and now you have to do his work too. Sometimes you and your boyfriend break up, your worlds crushed and it feels like nothing can fix that. When your a kid nothing matters. Not the balance in your bank, not how many times that boy hasnt called you back, no matter how many fights with your best friend you'll get in. When your a kid that doesnt make, and everything can be forgiven with a treat or a kiss. Things like like being prejudice doesnt effect kids, and as adults we shouldnt let it effect us. I cant tell you how many times I seen kids in daycare just play together, regaurdless of age, color, or disabiltiy. When they get wind of "adult subjects" like gay rights there even more confused. "If they love each other like my mom and dad love each other then its okay right". How do you answer a question like that and explain to them that there right and people are basically stupid!

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