Sunday, April 7

sunday confessions

Linking up with "Alyx" for

I've really been blogging my ass off in hopes that my blog wouldnt be so full of link ups, hope y'all are enjoying my thoughts!

Im a smoker, ek hope none of my families reading this #dontkillmeamy

Im finally ready to move to BC, now I just have to figure out how to get my shit together!

13 more sleeps, and I will be getting the best kind of cuddles, cuddles from my nephews and I CAN NOT wait

I'm a huge jays fan, but I JUST caught the last 10 mins of my first game this year! 5-0 #GOJAYSGO

Everyone go join the link up, and comment on mine so I can read yours directly, also show some love to my newest follower!"miss dre"

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