Saturday, April 27

Its Kalleen!

A few weeks ago I thought of a ammusing little game to play well getting hit on. I like to call it "spell my name, win my number" Back ground story may be needed here. I was named after my aunt whos names Colleen, which is usually pronouce cole-leen. My aunts is pronouce Call-leen. Clever daddy-o spelt it how it sounds Kall-lean, with a "K". I was minding my own bussiness when some chap came over to my table at a bar, told me how beautiful I was basically asked to marry me. I was flattered. Drunk and ammused. He kept asking what do I have to do to get with you, or get your number, ect ect. After about an hour of him still trying I told him if he can spell my name correctly, Ill give him my number. It was AWESOME! he tried so hard, I laughed so hard. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Most people dont get the "Ka" part but usually the ending. This kid was way off, he was adding I's and extra E's. Finally he startes recrouting people in the bar to help him out *It was a small bar, dead night there was only maybe 10 of us in the whole place* atleast 3 other men, plus a chick offered to help him out. Finally someone got it right, the same someone who I would never give my number to. EVER. My trusty side kick and drinking partner, just didnt see it that way and give the winner the prize. The winner, has text'd be atleast everyother day. With NO responce, after awhile you think he'd just take the hint, guess not. Needless to say, the guy never did get number number. No name, no number :p

So ladies, any interesting ways you give ur phone number out?! im dying to laugh at others ideas to!!

sound off below!

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