Friday, April 26

Friday letters ++

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Dear John and Tammy
I had a blast spending time with you guys thanks for having me !

Dear Nephews, I'm forever gratefull that I got to see each and everyone of you!

Dear Holidays, I totally am in love with you! Never end k?

Dear Main hoe, Don't you worry don't you worry child see heavens got a plan for you!! xo

Dear Amy, Just cause I feel like I don't say it enough, thanks for everything u did, everything you have done, and everything u will do for me

Dear lord, Thank you for 7 healthy loving forever growing Lil men in my life, thank you for my siblings and this week that I was blessed were I got to finally sit down and spend time with them

------- Nxt up,


- I got to my sister keishas house late so I didn't really see adrian to much.
- I didn't get to go test driving with John, if anyone's driven with my brother and realized how fun he is they would understand
- I stood out front of the Rogers center,alone,lost and with 2 dead barriers for almost an hour trying to find my brother

- I got lots of hugs and kisses for my newest nephew Malachi, 5 months:)
- I got to see both my sisters and there children which I haven't in almost 9 months ekk.

----- Its also #backthatazzup day with Whitney!
**It also says "at the end of your Friday posts simply add a YouTube video or a Grooveshark play button of your song choice for the day" but im NOT that smart, and media sites are banned from work where I sit around and blog all day help customer make there cell phones work again.**

Top 5 songs new & old I LOVED this week!

{FIVE} * Advant - 4 minutes
{FOUR} * Common - I use to love h.e.r
{THREE} * Jagged edge - let's get married
{TWO} * Kenny Rogers - islands in the Stream
{ONE} * Kenny Chesney - back where I come from

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    1. thanks for stopping by im always up for new followers, lets do it!