Friday, April 5

Friday Letters + #backthatazzup

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Dear Carissa,
So glad your apt went good this week, cant wait till you find out the sex

Dear Main hoe,
if only people could keep things to themself eh!

Dear Bluejays,
I got my ticket baby! in custody of my Amy April 20th ill be seeing you ;)

Dear Tony,
Im forever greatful for a bestie like you!

Dear Q,
Auntie cant even begin to tell you how over the moon I am to spend time with you 14 more sleeps

Dear "Crums"!
I sure am gunna miss you when u leave, but I guess thats the way the cookie crums LOL


Its also #backthatazzup day with Whitney!
**It also says "at the end of your Friday posts simply add a YouTube video or a Grooveshark play button of your song choice for the day" but im NOT that smart, and media sites are banned from work where I sit around and blog all day help customer make there cell phones work again.**

Top 7 songs I LOVE!
{SEVEN} * Future Ft Lil wayne - Turn on the lights

{SIX} * Roscoe Dash - All the Way Turnt Up ft Soulja Boy.

{FIVE} * Timbaland ft Drake - Say something

{FOUR} * Chingy - Dem Jens

{THREE} * Odd Future - Real Bitch

{TWO} * Bob Marly - Bad Boys

{ONE} * Tyler, the creator - Bastard

Have a good weekend luvs. Im also Joining these hops today, go show some love and "meet" new people!
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  1. OH MY! CHINGY!! DAMN girl how you get in dem jeanz!