Sunday, March 24

Yeah im still work?

Hey loves,
welcome to sunday funday. Except its not really all that fun when your expecting to be hungover in a few hours. Which is the boat that I'm in. Not to often does it happen that I wake up drunk but when it does I totally dread it. Im sure I cant be the only one. Ill admit its funny as shit at first untill you realize * if your anything like me anyway* that your hangover is about to kick it.
So last night I made the "bright" choice to go light on my drinking. You read that right, me and my bubblegum vodka were going the oppisite of how we usually do things! The vodka prob thought I was crazy, being all like bitch I own you, you only wanna have a few drinks, thats cool I'm gunna fuck with ya anyway.
I had 3 drinks last night, granted they were rather large drinks, so we will call it 5 drinks. Usually 5 drinks is how many I have BEFOR I leave for the bar, and usually it just gets me a good buzz. Last night on the other hand, I found myself shit showed. It was however a good night.
I think it was a sign not to change my hoeways always saturdays. Hoe & I go out every saturday with new  men people *hey single girls need to enjoy life!* last night since were both REALLY broke, we stayed in. We went over to this guys house that Audris seeing, and I brought a guy along with me.
And look where it got me, drunk at work ..
ahh well, shortly I wont be so drunk infact I think im starting to feel the hangover already

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