Monday, March 4

Day 29- favorite tv shows and why you like them

Day 29- favorite tv shows and why you like them

The Hills.
I had this friend we will call "trashy". At first she was loud and out there like me. We loved to drink and party, but our friendship went beyond that, this girl was my best friend. We started doing everything together. Fast forward a few years she got a new boyfriend, who we'll call "philthy". I will admit I TRIED to get along with douche bag, I tried to be understanding when he cheated on Trasha with his ex, and who knows who else. I tried to still be her friend when I realized that I couldn't make a friendship work with Philithy but she just couldn't see it. He also treated me like shit behind my back mostly but sometimes to my face. I couldn't stand to be around him, and it was starting to ruin our relationship. -INSERT SCENE BETWEEN HEIDI & LC HERE!! I mean hello, my life was being lived on TV. It didn't stop there, I had the friend that SHE bought into my life like heidi brough audrina. I had the boy troubles like LC had with her men. IT WAS WEIRD!

Because Dr.Coxs makes my life. Hes witty and soooooo sooo soooooooooooooooo sarcastic! LUVS HIM! If not for him then I watch it for the janitor, they way he fucks with JD kills me! However I totally laugh at how out there Turk & JD's bromance is!

The Mentalist.
I guess I have a thing for sarcastic characters, because I'm IN LOVE with Jane for all the same reasons I luv Dr.Cox

Two Broke Bitches Girls.
I cant get enough of max's dry sarcastic houmor, seeing a pattern? Plus I just think Kat Dennings is FREAKIN AWESOME!

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