Saturday, March 2

Day 27- my day job verses my passion

Day 27- my day job verses my passion

My passion is unknown. Which is kind of scary. I like doing so many things that I still cant pin point what I want my career to be. I want to work with kids I know that I LOVE teaching them, and even more I enjoy being taught by a child, there's something so interesting about there innocents. I love to write, hence why I have a blog. I have a story to tell just like everyone else, and when i put my pan to a pen, or keyboard. I feel something special inside come to life.

My job however does reflect me to a point. I'm a very technical person. I love knowing the way things work, I enjoy learning about the new products were releasing to our customers. I love working in technical support and finding out why and how that happened. However its not a passion to teach or show people these things. In fact most days i HATE it, trying to teach someone something over the phone is so difficult. Especially when they just don't get it, so to say its a passion of mine wouldn't really be accurate.

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