Tuesday, March 26

A broken Heart

We all know broken hearts suck! its the worst kinda of pain a human can feel. To have your heart shattered even sometimes kills people. Over the last 3 years my brothers life has been turned upside down. This kid has had everything thrown at him, and hes still walking. He found out his own father had been lying about his exsistance. Even though I could see it crushed him, he carries on. Stronger then Ill ever be. He was in a car crash that almost killed not only him, about another girl as well. Because the drive couldnt understand not to race in the pouring rain, because when you do your car ends up looking like this

Surpisingly all the kids in the car walked away.

He lives with our mother, who isnt the best at provding love and guidance. Which my brother more often then not shows that he has neither. I know that he does, cause im his sister. Im the only one who knows him inside and out. I know when he's hurting, and I usually know the right things to say, atleast I hope I am.

With all of these things he still carries on, stronger then ill ever be. I see the struggle he goes thru everyday, feeling not loved only by me. Yey he still carries on, stronger then ill ever be.

He doesnt just have me that be selfish of me to say, but thats what I hear day after day.

Theres also a girl, hes loved forever. At 20 forever isnt long, but this love is intense. Its the love you read and see in the movies. Where 2 people are so in love that there relying on each for everything. They trust each other with there lives. The other would never let anything happen, there jealously is unreal, there fights are crazy. At the end of the day there always there for each other. He talks to her and opens up about his feelings in a way that I couldnt understand, because she can console him in a way that I cant. I love this girl, shes almost feels like family to me. After being around for the last 2 years, I couldnt think of her as anything less. Except for now, now I dont understand where there at, and neither does he.

His heart is broken. I can see it in his face. I've never heard him say, "Im over this" "im done fighting with her" or "fuck this relationship". Untill she called it quits. I saw that brave soliders shoulders fall. I saw the fear in his face, of not knowing whats next. I pain that I cant take away, that I cant change. I dont even have the words to say to him. I try to sit in silence with him, I try to listen to his thoughts, I try to say something encouraging, but then I keep asking myself, how do you deal with a broken heart?

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