Tuesday, February 12

Tues topics, Week 7; 4 unknown facts

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The Austin Family Diary

This week,
4 unknown facts..

I don't date black men because I see the way my father treats women and assume all men are like that. I know there not, and I see that in the way my brother treats his wife, still I cant help the way I feel.

I talk shit behind my best friends back. However it's only shit I've already told them, or I'm planning to tell them, and it's usually me venting to another mutal best friend

I played clarinet in highschool because I was scared to fail gr12 so I took music as my fail safe

I hardly wash my hair by hardly I mean lucky if it happens once in a 2 week period. All u ladies with unmanageable hair can u feel me?


  1. That is cool that you played the clarinet! My sister and law plays it. My husband played the flute. Said it was a nice place to meet the ladies. haha what a jokester!