Tuesday, February 12

Day 12; what I would find in your bag **

Day 12- what I would find in your bag

Everything I need.

My wallet * that I got from Lisa as one of the wedding party gifts!
Yellow shades
A Bus schedual
A Book of line paper
Work badge/house key
Keys for other places ( my first set of keys frmo my first place, the key for my first car, and a key to each of my parents house )
Lotion * Vaseline, total moisture to be exact, its called "cocoa Radiant" I luv luv LUV this smell
Headphones + earbuds , cause you know everyone needs to change the color of there ear buds, yeah im weird like that
Hand Sanitizer
Deoderant, which is actually anti perspirant cause apparently theres a difference!? #newstome
New Testament + Highlighter to highlight anything I want to reflect back on
Charger for the celly
A bottle of cream for this fucked up burn I got from dying my hair with Nice & Easy. Check out the post on the #dyefail here

Then a few days later..

Random Change
Condoms * eh, you never kno, My Amy said Always be prepared, assuming she meant in that dept to :p
And of corse, some tampons!

I know its kinda blurry, but you get the point.

Mrs Chanel is my baby, shes a few years old now, but I still love her!. Tony is the defination of a girls best friend, whos the gay guy.

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