Monday, February 4

Day 4; A habit you wish you didn't have

Day 4
A habit you wish you didn't have.

Growing up I was a anti smoker. Thought it was disgusting. I had the BIGGEST crush on my paper boy, im talking pathetic. I just watched him come and go every day delivering our paper but like most 7/8 yr olds I never dared to say hello. I still remember his name Josh, and he was hot like a movie star.. wtf that even meant when I was 7 beyond me! When I found out he was a smoker I was so disgusted that I stopped liking him.

Fast forward 18 years and I find myself lighting them up and smoking myself. Its not alot by any means, but smoking is smoking. 1 cigg or 10 ciggs im still poising my body.

Stress is def the main factor in my smoking, if they would legize mary jane I KNOWI wouldnt be a smoker. The fact the its illigeal is why I think so many kids smoke ciggs. Its way different to be busted witha gino in your pocket then a couple ciggs. Weed is put out there was a gateway drug, with bad side effects. Ive never taken any other drug as an effect of smoking weed, Id be lying if I said when I was younger I didnt try other drugs, but I wasnt a heavy weed user. The only side effect I get is night sweats when Im not smoking befor bed. Along with a little short term memory loss, aka stoner moments.

Call me crazy, but id rather have my child smoking weed, then smoking a cigg.

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