Monday, February 4

This weekend I...

linking up with Sar and Syn For ..

This is my first week linking up for "This weekend I..". I thought it would be fun to join in on a new link up. A better chance to view new people who might not link up with Sami, for Weekend recap. BTW, I couldn't actually find the link up button so dont click the picture, but If you click here you'll get to Sar's blog, and If you click here you'll get to syns blog. Either one will get you to the link up.

This weekend I..
Worked, come on I KNOW your just dying to tell me how lucky I am, and how much fun I must of been having.. YA RIGHT

This weekend I..
Realized I need either a higher paying job, or a 2nd job.

This weekend I..
Noticed just how much my brother is like me. Stubborn, and thick headed. Doesn't give up easily on things or people, which isn't always a good thing.

This weekend I..
Got to laugh at my brother and his drunk friends, when did doing shit like this ..
become fun, #myfacehurts

This weekend I..
got really bored and made some pretty silly faces,

This weekend I..
Updated my "weight loss" page with more pictures of my transformation from FAT to PHAT. Or obese to healthy, actually according to my doc, I'm overweight now, so 20 pounds to go!

So readers, what did you do this weekend?


  1. I had such a boring weekend. Nothing fun, really. A trip to IKEA was the highlight. Pretty pathetic, huh?

    1. some weekends are just more fun then others, but a trip to ikea sounds like a blast, the closest one around here is like a good hour away :(