Saturday, January 26

Weekly what?

Linking up with Ricky,Allie and Jenn for week 1 of


Basically a fun new way to update your followers on how your week was instead of clicking having them click thru all ur post. So here's a quick recap of my week :-)

I kept the lotion on deck of the healing process about the new tattoo I got, you can read about that post and all about my weekend here

I let my readers know a little more about me with a fun link up over at Whitney's blog , you can read about that here I also did the weekly count down with Lauren , you can check out week 4 here

Is My work Friday so was I was counting down the hours until the work day was over. I also did a link up about all the things I love, and hate check it out here :)

I spent the day packing and loading the truck at my brothers house. I'm so happy that they were able to find a house where his widest working, but I'm going to miss them living near me #bittersweet. I posted about the good and bad side of me being single and linked up for "It's okay.."

I finished cleaning and packing my brothers house, and linked up for "Friday letters"


  1. LOVE your Fun Facts with Whitney!!

    THANK YOU for linking up!!!

    1. Thanks for visting, great idea for the link up