Tuesday, December 11

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

I had a epic long detail post on my weekend, but i just hit the fuckin delete key so this is going to be a boring ass post non the less youll know what I did over the weekend hookers! - and why its posted today..

Ahh beautiful friday, mainly cause its my day off. I spent the day at my brothers relaxing and chillen out with him all well making plans for the weekend. Sarah and I decided to hit the town with a few coworkers. We had pre drinks, then headed to the bar for 11, which sucked because it took about an hour to get busy however ladies got in free befor 11 so it works if you work it! At the bar I met a cutie named A, and after he drove everyone home. Since sarah lives in the town I lived in befor, and I was HAMMERED I thought whats a better idea then going to your friends houses to visits with them! #drunkproblems - I ended up chillen at R's place with the homies for awhile then A and I headed back to town. However I still needed to be ' Rollin with the homies' -insert chessy song from clueless here- so A & I went to my bros place and hungout for for awhile untill I realized its 6am, and I need to be AT work in 4 hours, and im still drunk. This was the exact moment I relaized Ive matured the old me would of stayed out the entire night, then either called into work the next day or stumbled into work drunk! Okay okay, maybe I didnt mature, im really just to old for that shit.

Since by the time I got home and into bed it was almost 6:30, and my alarm was set for 9:15am Im sure everyone can see how my saturday went, like shit! I was nodding off at my desk, and feeling like I was about to die for EIGHT HOURS! then after that since I promised my friend Id be at his birthday, rain or shine type of thing he basically told me to fuck off and get my ass there. So I went home did a lil scrub a dub dub, and headed to scottys party. It was kinda awkwardly uncomfortable, I mean all of the girls tehre was SHIT FACED, and about 5 years younger the me. Which made me feel even more awkward because all I could think of is OMG, is that what I looked like when I was 20! .. WHAT. THE. FUCK! However scott did invite semi normal people which where guys, which is cool by me. Id def rather be hanging with the boys then the girls. I ended up leaving the party around 2 with one of scotts friends who equally thought the party was lame, or wanted to get in my pant however we'll never know :p

Scotts friend gave me a lift back home in the afternoon, and I spent the rest of the night relaxing at my brothers. Farmer came over a little while later and hungout with me too for a few hours befor heading back home. I was way to tired to back the long ass journey (of 10 mins) to my moms house so I ended up just crashing out there.

So hooker tits, how was your weekend?!

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