Tuesday, December 11

All I wasnt for christmas is youuuuuuuuuuu


Hey peeps!
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This weeks theme
10 Christmas gifts.

{TEN} New Shoes

{NINE} Samsung S III

{EIGHT} Samsung Tab 10.1

{SEVEN) New car, any will do - if it takes me from point A - B WITHOUT issues

{SIX} A new PC, again not picky :) other then it CAN NOT, MUST NOT, be a Mac, ugh apple. Gross

{FIVE} Less time at work.. paid, and more time with the loves of my life Jacob, Hensley, Adrian, Jahmari, Hudson, Quention & malichi

{FOUR} New desinger shades, Gucci or Chanel Im easy :p

{THREE} GIFT CARDS!! Walmart, Sears, Coach,Ikea, shit ill even take a canadian tire one, i luv shoppin.

{TWO} A new purse, which Tony usually buys me every xmas. which leads me to my number 1 wish


{ONE}If you follow my blog often enough you should be able to guess the one and only thing I want for christmas more in the world is to spend it with my BFF Tony. We havent spent a xmas or new years together in the last 3 years, those are our holidays. It defines us, Xmas is the only time were not complete cunts to everything/everyone. New years, well fuck its new years! Enough said!

So my lil loves, what do you wish for for christmas. I also want to point out, im not a materialistic person. That list was harder then I thought to come up with things!