Monday, December 17

Weekend Recap!

Its that time again .. Im doing my weekly recap with Sami

I spent Friday relaxing with my brother at his place watchin Ted. OMG if you havent seen Ted, you need to download it, buy it, steal it - do whatever it is that you do to watch movies (I wont judge you its worth it) Pretty sure I've watched it like 4 times since buying it! That night I was going to crash there but seeing how my brother and his friends were down to get roudy, and I was down to go to bed, I decided to just go home.

I had to work all day until 630 then my hoe Audri came and picked me up. We jetted to my place for a little while then back to her place. Our other bestie came over too. She had a hoot watchin us drunks get drunk, and being our DD for the night! After getting ready at Audris we headed to our buddies fergie ferg aka mcjagers house for some predrinks and laughs before heading to the bar -

If you have me on facebook check out the lil elf video I uploaded, or if your smart tell me how to upload it here (from a Mac :( )because its funny as shit!

I was suppose to go to my families christmas party but the events from the night befor lead for different plans like waking up at 1pm, lounging around audris house till we had enough energy to get breakfest from our fav joint, The Skyline :) After that we toured around town for a bit getting some shit done that we needed to. I went over to my brothers after to chill out there with him. Him and his friend (who kept calling me Oprah or his BFF) left to go to a bar and I was way to tired to want to go with so I sat it out and the boys went out. About 2 hours later my brother comes back, without said friend because he got drunk, picked a fight with some old man who came at him with a knief because my brothers friend was on his roof (ya, ppl here are a wee bit crazy, in a good way..). Long story short the cops came, attempted to arrest my brothers friend but he ran away so now his locations are a little bit on the unknown side. Never a dull moment!

How was you weekend Love bugs!?!

Also Linking up with Molly, who mosted this MLK quote on her blog, and I instantly fell inlove with it, thanks for sharing!!

“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



  1. Haha goodness sounds like an eventful weekend!

    1. :) to say the least - thanks for stopping by !