Tuesday, December 25

Christmas Weekend Recap

Its that time again .. Im doing my weekly recap with Sami

Nothing to eventful happened, I met up with farmer sometime in the after noon, and was going to go to the mall and then to walmart to finish christmas shopping. However I spent 15 mins waiting for the bus(I know what your thinking, are the buses always late or something, the answer is yes - but there was ahotel that caught fire down town the night before so i think that what was up with the delays..this time *rollseyes* I ended up going to the beer store with farmer and having some drinks at my brothers place.

I spent saturday as I usually do when its 3 days before christmas, I return the gifts I bought in exchange for the ones I think are better (I 2nd guess my gifts EVERY year) Once I finally had all the gifts I needed I finished wrapping everything and headed to my brothers. Nothin to exciting happened for the rest of the night, we just chilled out and relaxed, oh yeah I also might have heard my brother says " im white girl wasted right meow" in the WHITEST white girl voice...Now put this face...
with that quote..

HILARIOUS, i know! - your welcome!

Since Im one of the lucky people who get to work on christmas, I did presents with My Amy & co. sudnay night and spent the night there. I got Hudson a tool set and he LOVED it, I got Jacob some really cool shirts from areopostal, and when the stores actually get BlackBerry tablets back in stock im getting him one of those to! From the fam I got a bluray, my FIRST ever bluray im still not even sure why tehre was a hype about them. Ive never even touched one befor so im pretty pumped to go home and check it out, while watchin "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" and "Role Models" - which was from the Family Dog "Tucker" and I feel REALLY bad because I forgot to get him a gift this year! We spent the rest of the day watching christmas movies. Home alone 1-4 to be exact. After the 4th one we went to hockey to watch Pock play, I left about half way thru the game to visit with Tabby & Rob. I ended up spending the night with Amy & co relaxing and watchin TV. Enjoying some good ol family time!

How was your weekend,
Oh and Merry Christmas Love Bugs!!

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