Monday, October 1

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Since I'm in training i have weekends of, which meant that I had to work friday, but if that meant I had saturday and sunday off, I sure didnt care! After work on Friday I went for a walk accross town to visit with Amy & pock. After I got home Farmer came over. Along with a few of my other friends. We all sat around drinking, and then finally at 530am farmer and I decided to hit the hay (pun intended).

Layed in bed untill 330. I know waisted half the day, but after staying up all night I needed sleep! Saturday night was Hoe saturday night. Which was a epic fail, since audri made up with her man - who I think is mayjor douch - but I said my peace and she needs to come to realize that! We ended up going to her mans friends house, playing drinking game then headed home.

Farmer came over and went spent the day watching. Dave Chapelle show, how did I go so long without dave in my life.

"cokes a hell of a drug" & " Im rick james, bitch"

- best lines ever!! espically now that I understand them!

How did your weekend go?

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