Friday, September 28

I LOVE MY FRIENDS! - Ecards :)

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Ive had so many friends bring over there cheap ass dirty beer to my house, and Id wake up with the same dirty ass beer in the fridge but ALL the good beer that I swear I DID NOT drink is missing...hmmm
Hoe saturdays would it be interesting if it lead into another day?
Me & my girls are tough bitches, but were pretty bitches!
How many times have YOU done this, or atleast wanted to
Not going to lie,
I have a few people on Facebook for this reason.
This is to all my man friends who I've had the pleasure of listening to them bitch and moan
This goes out to my main hoe, we met when we were babies, and never stopped being BFFS!
Enough Said!
Honestly, meeting new people and friends is hard for me. Especially at 25, everyone that I love now, already know my story. Sometimes it hurts to continue to tell new people why I don't like visiting my moms, and why my cousin is who I actually look to for mother support.
Everyone should have this kinda friend. I'd do it for my girls ;)