Monday, September 10

Weekend Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Every year Amy & Pock go to the falls for there baseball toury. I had Hudson from Thursday - Sunday. On Friday I got him and Jacob ready for school dropped them off and went back to my place. Relaxed on the couch with Gilmore Girls, until it was time to pick them up from school. After school Jacob went to his dads, and Hudson and I went back to there place. We just hangout and relaxed for the night.

I had to work in the AM so I brought Hudson to my moms. He had a blast there, when I got off work he bagged me to let him stay so can can play with Jordan and brick*aka brooke, LOL it was so cute we kept trying to correct him he looked at us like he was going to try and say brooke but then it just came up 'brick' * Hudson and I ended up staying for dinner and well into the night. It was the first time that I can actually say I fully enjoyed the visit at my moms. Im not sure what that means for the future but that my friends was history in the making. After Dinner we made cookies, which I burnt :( - ahh well Hudson still enjoyed them! We left my moms and headed straight for home, he was getting cranky and with bed time in a hour I figured thats probe why, especially with the long day of playing. About 2 mins after we left, he was passed right out! Saturday night I just hung out and caught up on some very missed MTV.

With all the heavy rain we have been having we had a leak in our bathroom so FINALLY our landlord came to take a look at it so I had to met him there around noon. I fed hudson breakfast we got showered ready, I finished up the laundry and headed over to my house. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, making with toys and going for bike rides. Jacob came over a little while later and hangout with us. We had a late lunch and then I drove them back home. Spent a few mins with Amy & Pock, and then headed home. I went out with Lisa for a times date, and catch up on wedding stuff. It was so much fun catchy up with lisa, i luv that silly bitch! Next weekend is her batchorlette party, and thats all she knows, that and were getting her white girl waisted!

How was your weekend loves?

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