Monday, August 27

Weekend Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

I had a wedding this weekend that my friend Debbie asked me to a be a bridesmaid in, that I was in so really my weekend started Thursday.

One of my girlfriends Sarah, was also in the wedding party, so Thursday afternoon her and I took the 2 HOUR drive to sheep land, aka farm ville, aka sheep fucking, aka country land - or for you locals - north of 7! - hilly billies, dirt roads, and bushes everywhere, it was interesting - yet amazingly relaxing at the same time. When we finally got to "maynooth,Ontario" we rushed off to dinner and met everyone in the bridal party. There was 6 girls, 6 guys, 2 flower girls, and a ring bearers, yeah - huge party, also at dinner was the bridal partys wifes/husbands, and debbies mom,step dad, and dad, Harveys mom, dad and step mom - Deb & Harvey picked up the bill talk about sweet! We all got flasks with our names engraved, and the date of the wedding. After dinner, we headed back to Debbie's house for drinks. We ended up staying up until almost 3 am drinking and enjoying the bonfire.

Today was the day we met bridezilla, at one point there was so much going on I took her cell phone and was answer calls and txt's and whatever else needed to be done. When I answered the phone my line was, bridezilla's phone bridesmaid speaking - it got a lot laughs. We also brought over all the decorations to the hall, and started to set up. We left half way thru the set up for rehearsal, thank god we did made things go really smooth. Debbie wanted us to all dance down the isle but some people were uncomfortable with it. I got paired with the hottie Jamie who like me, far from shy, he was totally down to bust a move. After rehearsal we went back to the hall and made sure everything was finished. For the weekend we rented cabins in "Lake St.Peter" it was absolutely gorgeous. Once we got settled in we the got the fire going and we sat outside drinking again. About 230am, bridezilla come down to track her bridesmaids down, however Sarah and I were quite ready to go to bed, so what did we do? we ran away - yup you've heard of runaway brides but not bridesmaids! We wanted to stay up with the boys, and not go to bed she was just worried we wouldn't be up and ready to go for the big day. We hid out for about an hour and then started to feel bad so we came back, had a huge talking to from bridezilla, and we went to bed.

T'was the big day. In the am the girls all went to get there hair done, and since I was wearing a weave I stayed at the cabin relaxing with the boys and you guessed it - drinking beer - We headed over to Debbies Aunts house to all get ready, and from there headed to the church. Everything went perfect, no mistakes no problems. simple and amazing! After the wedding we went back to the cabins for pictures, I haven't seen them yet so I don't have any to share and was way to busy to stop and take any my self, but was soon as I do ill post them:) by the water, the back ground couldn't of been more gorgeous. After pictures we headed over to the hall and our entrance song was "I got a feeling" yeah needless to say Jamie and I were the shit!! The night was amazing, everyone had such a good time. Dinner was perfect there was so much food. All the guest kept talking about how perfect everything looked, and how in love and in awe that Harvey was, when he looks at Debbie, you can really see that she is his whole world. It felt so good to see love like that, I'm really happy that they found each other, Harvey is such an amazing guy. Debbie has a 18 yr old son Corey. I love Corey to death, hes always been so special to me, hes autistic and hes made me open my eyes to the world, he has that effect on everyone. It makes you realize that just because he cant get the words out on how he really feels the way you or I can doesn't mean any different. He cries when hes sad, stomps his feet when hes mad, and he stands real real close to you staring at your smiling when hes really really happy! Hes always been a shy kid around people, but not me, that's just the bond that we have. However the night of the wedding he was so happy for his mom he talked to everyone about it, he posed for pictures all day, socialized with everyone. It was amazing, I was so proud of him, and we dance. Oh did we ever all night, I don't think I seen Corey sit down once he just kept dancing and spinning me around on the dance floor all night.

We all rested up a little, and headed to the hall to finish clean up. After we cleaned up the hall we headed back the the cabins to make sure they were all cleaned up. I was planning on driving Sarah and I home so at that point I was pacing my self with the drinks so that later that night I could drive home. Not Sarah, she just kept pounding them back! For dinner we went over across the lake to one of the guys in the wedding party's cabin and ate some of the food that was left over from the dinner. We all just relaxed with the newly weds and around 730 we headed back for home. By the time I got home it was 11pm, and I was done! I hardly was home for 15 mins before I went straight for bed!

Hope everyone else had as good as weekend as mine!


  1. goodness what a weekend girl! so happy i came across your blog! i cant wait to read more! If you'd like i have a giveaway on my blog with starbucks and vera bradly i think you'll love! have a great monday! xo

    1. it was a crazy weekend indeed, but amazing :) glad you found me to:) going to check out ur giveaways now

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    1. thanks! and I think its fair to say everyone loves weekends!