Monday, August 6

Weekend Recaps

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Amy picked me up in the AM to do grocery shopping *not having a car and trying to do grocery has got to be the biggest pain EVER* in return I promised to spend the day with Hudson. I know I know I live a hard life, spending time with the one of the little boys just to get my grocery shopping done! Anyway we spend all day playing at random parks, and with the new bubbles I bought him that he loved. After geoff came home from work I headed over to my place to get ready for my party.

The first half was good, fast forward where audge pisses off the farmer, the farmer gets awkward and leaves because turns out hes slept with 2 of my friends, one of those friends BF put up attitude all night over it(it happen 5 years ago!) the other girl who he slept with put on stink about 2 other girls being there * one of who has been my best friend for 16 years clearly I invited her and the other was an old roomate of hers whos also been a good friend, to me anyway over the last 3 or 4 years * Anyway, I ended up going to a bar for my birthday, which was the best part of the night! Then after the bar I had to throw out another good friend from my house because she was trying to pick a fight with aduge, ugh what a night!

I left for T. to celebrate my gf's batchorlette party I was suppose to go to carabana but got there way to late.:( So we ended up going to orfus road in yorkdale for an hour but not to long they were closing. *Orfus road is a big long stretch of streets in Yorkdale thats filled with all types of clothing stores, birdal stores, party stores, food stores, i was in heaven* then we spend 2 hours driving around and trying to find a hotel room. While trying to find the drunk * aka Sarah *I kicked out of my house the night before (since she was in the wedding, figure it be a good idea for her to be there to) well she got tehre at like 10pm. So we went out for dinner, then to a east indian bar, that played the worst music ever we left after 2 mins, another bar that was DEAD, then I stopped at the bar that tried to charge me $20 at 1:30am, yeah thanks for no thanks! We all ended up going back to to hotel and going to bed. I felt so bad for deb, if thats not the WORST batchorette party then I dont know what is.

We went back to orfus road to finish our shopping, we headed to scarbrough to pick up our dresses and try them on, im really happy with mine. The weddings in 2 weeks so I really didnt have time for alerations but no worries the size 14 fit GREAT, compared to the size 20 that was a little tight when I first started dress shopping for the weddings! After the left the bridal store, I headed back home with Sarah. Once I got home I was SO BORED that I went to bed, the end.

How was your weeekend!?

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone"

And just for fun, this week im linking up again with Molly for "#yolomondays


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