Tuesday, August 14

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

*usually I start with friday but i did NOTHING - work home bed -

Amy picked me up in the AM and Hudson & I spent the day together. One of my friends move o Florida after her and her husband got married. She came down to visit her family so I made plans to met up with her. She has a daughter born a few days after Hudson so she brought he daughter and two nieces to the park with Hudson & I it was a good time, I really enjoy her company! Saturday night I went out to a local bar with my roommates, and he got in a fight with a guy with one leg - okay here's the whole story ...
I live with my friend from high school, and he boyfriend. He went to the bar to buy our drinks and on the way back bumped into a guy on crutches, felt like a dick and attempted to apologizes but the guy just wasn't having it. Turns out the guy was missing a leg. I'm sorry but its your missing your fucking leg and you are using crutches at a packed bar except someone to run into you, and be fucking happy they apologized! - moving along, about 20 mins later the guy comes over to my roommate, and calls him outside punches him twice in the face for kicking him - WTF who does that I have no idea what the disabled guys issue was -

I thought I was going to die - wasn't from drinking, everyone month for the last year when I get my period I'm in a huge amount of pain, and all the pain causes me to throw up. Usually it only last a few hours, I take a nap and everything is fine. Well not this time, I didn't stop puking for 15 hours, I'm not even sure what was coming out of my mouth any more. I slept on and off all day for about 20 mins at a time. It was the worst feeling ever.Other then that it wasn't to bad of a weekend.

How was yours?


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    1. sweet! thanks for stopping by ill go check out yours now :)