Tuesday, July 3

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

hands down this was my fav day of the whole weekend! Thursdays John surprised me with not only a visit from him but his wife and son, came down as well. So I loved that. The second my eyes opened even a little he was right in my face"morning aunty, want to play trains!" after my 2nd blink he was getting impatient and asked again, figured i haven't even been up for more then 2 mins and this kid acts like Ive been making him wait 3 hours! did i mind? not even a little. we spent the entire day playing. Inside and outside, we spent sometime riding his bike witch it's his new fav thing to do. Friday night we went for dinner at the neighbors,johns wife made hamburgers O.M.G to die for,:). Later that night John and I went into town to hangout with friends, wee came back and spent the rest of the night talking, then playing pin our cell phones downloading and finding new things (yes we are well aware were dorks

I spent Friday again at johns sooooo i was still there Saturday sooooo i played with Q some more, the n wee packed up the house and they headed back for St.Thomas:( everyone John leaves i can't help but miss him and think of the Wessels we spent not talking to each other over bulkshit. Just glad that we sorted it out and everything it's great now. Got back on the hoe train this weekend with some new ladies! audris mom and sister (which i regret to as my mom and sister) are newly single sooooo they came out with us. We went to a pool bar down the street where i ran into the most random ppl,who i haven't seen in awhile.

After the bar I crashed at Audris new place (which it's right around the corner from me,yay). Sunday morning her mom and sister came by and her mom took us all out for breakfest! every Sunday for a few weeks now Audri and I would go into the same restaurant, the cook the back just stares in awe everytime, but ooh well he makes our food sooooo good we let him stare. So one morning we left him a note after breakfast saying "dear cook, the food was almost as good as our view, -xo 2 hot chicks" The next time we went in all the waitress were laughing, then he comes over to our table to thank us, and tell us itmade his day! So when we went back for breakfast needless to say we were disappointed to find out he wasnt working that day! maybe next week;). Later i came home cleaned the entire apartment top to bottom except the bathroom i hate cleaning out so i left it for another day. For the rest of the night i relaxed with a beer and enjoyed some me time.

Since I'm Canadian I also had Monday off with pay I might add, AWESOME!

I woke up at like 9am because it was so bloody hot out, and relaxed for the rest of the morning. I also weighed myself, down 78 pounds, couldn't be more proud of myself, I look so freaking awesome (Ill try and update my weight loss later this week!) That afternoon I went to see Jay since it was his 20th bday. I still cant believe hes freaking 20, like whoa! We watched some movies 21 jump st, and friends with benefits, and had some ice cream cake. I left there later that night, and spent the rest of the evening relaxing to my guilt pleasure, scrubs.

Hope everyone enjoyed there weekend :)

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