Tuesday, October 1

Blogtober - Day 1

Its already October, time goes by fast eh. A few months ago back in may I did 31 days of blogging, and it was so much fun. I wanted to do it again, everyday Ill post on a new subject! Can you handle it, if anyone wants to turn it into a link up, let me know guys. 31 topics are tough, so here's 31 questions/ topics you can choose mine, or choose your own.

Day 1, Tuesday :The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)
I wish I could say I was a only child, from a rich family but who doesn't right!?

In case y'all haven't noticed I did take a blog break, so this a good start to remember my story, for any new reads welcome, it's ur lucky day!

My family stories a little different, let me explain it try and keep up. My biological parents Donna and Rawl separated when I was 4, my father was one of those douche bags that have a wife and children in another country but never tells anyone about it, until after the fact. Kinda like a nice surprise this is my real family . So I have a mom, a dad,and a step mom a half sister keishia and a half brother john. Then my dad and mom had another son named Jordan, making him my full brother. However, they chose not to tell anyone that Rawl fathered Jordan, so my other siblings didn't know Jordan was also their half brother. Somewhere in-between I also met my step sister (step mom's daughter ) Jonelle. Jonelle has 2 boys, Hensley (14), and Jahmari (5). John has 2 sons Quentin (4) and Malachi (10 months). Ackeishia has 1 son Adrian (7) .

When I was 16, my mother and I couldn't get along and I was asked to leave. I moved in with my 1st cousin Amy, who shortly after took full custody of me because my mom's crazy, *as in she left me in Ontario when I was on a school trip and took my little brother.and tried to move to the USA kinda crazy!* . Amy quickly taught me what it meant to be loved,.and how to really love someone and not because they have something to offer you. Taught me how to give respect and how to be respected. She made me into the independent women who knows she deserves the world and won't settle for anything short of the best. She also had a live-in boyfriend (now husband ) Geoff. Amy had a son Jacob(14) who since his first breath has had me wrapped around his little finger! Geoff has 2 daughters Meghan (22) and Taylor (16) who were regulars at the house, but only Meaghan lived with us (yrs later, for a short period of time). At 18, Amy n Geoff lost a baby, but we did get a dog a yr or so later Tucker(9) so that made up for it! However, When I turned 21, Amy and Geoff brought home a new addition, baby Hudson (5)!

At one point I did attempt the whole college thing right away after high-school but I was young n dumb and drunk so ya needless to say that didn't really work so well. After that I moved back home *Amy n Geoff's* where I worked at different jobs over the next few years, moving out, then in, then back out, back in then finally back out. All well having fun and enjoying life with some of the best friends over ever met. I also had more then enough heart breaks from boyfriends and friends, not to mention my own parents.

Which leads me to right now. Where I've done the most craziest bravest thing I've ever done, I left everything I've ever known to move from Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. Most days I love it, someday's I want to go home and be with my family and friends.. however that would make me a little bitch.. I ain't no trick as bitch!

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