Saturday, August 3

Feeling stuck

A few months back I decided if my doctor would sign me off on stress leave that would be my sign from God to move on to the next chapter in my life. Over the last few years I've been talking about moving to Calgary,AB.
I couldn't stand my job, I hated everything about. More times then not I left crying. It's like they expected me time hit the goals they were setting, without giving me the correct tools couldn't take it. ON top of that my job was at a call center.  If anyone's ever worked at one you know what I mean when I say letting someone talk down to you on the phone, after being abused for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 3.5 years gets to you. Someday were better then others for the most part all the customers that called in were assholes. When I spoke to my doctor about all the problems I was having at work, and how I even picked up smoking cigarettes he agreed that I wasn't working at the right place.
A few weeks later I gave my work place my noticed and hit the road. I spoke to my manager, the HR dept, and 2 service Canada agents. Everyone said I was doing what I needed to be doing in order to collect my employment insurance, I was finally able to breath I didn't have to put another hour into that place, I was happy.
Well my last day worked was the 6th of June. EI *employment insurance * was suppose to be filed by my work place within 7 days, and in the meantime I would receive the official paper work in the mail, after 2 weeks of getting nothing in the mail, I called turns out they filed it the day before, and that all i need to do is go online and do whats call a report basically just claim every 2 weeks that i made no money while im on EI. Turns out my managers a idiot and they dont send anything in the mail, Mistake number 1.  After hearing NOTHING for 3 weeks I called AGAIN, they had my banking info wrong, they said my branch number doesnt exist even though I have my statement in hand from my bank. I finally got that corrected and waited, and waited then I called back again to confirm the bank account had been updated and it had. The service Canada agent went over all my paper work again, and confirmed everything looked fine so she'd send a msg off to someone else to see what's taking so long. A week later I called back again, at least I had an answer, it was because the papers my work placed filed were stating I quit without reason, and even though I had a doctors note they were sure what it meant "this note is to inform that kalleen. Is unable to work at her work place indefinitely for medical reasons " They needed to know if I'd be returning to work, that's when I lost it. I was already told I did everything right, I was already told there wouldn't be any problems I brought my doctors note into 2 different offices and now over a month later I'm being informed of this! I already sold EVERYTHING I owned, and moved out of my house and haven't had a dollar to my name since my last pay cheque on the 20th, for 16 hours and now you need to question my doctors note!
I explained to the moron at service Canada what my doctors note meant, she told me that's all they needed to complete my case and I would have my first deposit of EI in about 2-3 days that was on Tuesday, today is now Saturday. I'm really not feeling to hopeful that I'm ever going to get this money.
I've worked my ass off since I was 18, I've been with this company for 3.5 years I've put in more then enough money to EI, I'm getting really annoyed and feeling a little embarrassed. 
I've always paid my way, I bought my own cars, I've been paying my own rent and groceries and everything else I needed since 16. If I needed something I went out and bought it,  if I didn't have the cash I just waited 2 weeks and bought it then. I've never had to go without. And now that I've quit I have nothing. I feel like it was all for nothing. I couldn't pay my rent so I moved in with my mom, I had to get rid of everything I owned bed, furniture random knickknacks I've received over the years, everything it's gone except for 4 boxes.
Last night was my breaking point I can't remain positive anymore I'm so broke I had to ask my mom for. 10Cents. Wtf kind if loser doesn't even have 10cents. Hopefully something in life starts to happen soon cause I'm losing hope.

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