Thursday, July 18

Still here

Hey guys!
long time no posts, I know I'm a horrible blogger don't blame me blame my lack of internet and pure laziness since I quit my job. So I figures I'd give y'all a little update as to what I've been up do. Literally nothing. Zip zilch nudda. My plan was to save my money from my last few pays, well needless to say that didn't happen, and now I'm so broke I'm probably going to start sharing deodorant with my mom.
The longer I sit here waiting for my unemployment to kick it, the more I feel like this move isn't even going time happen. Everyone I spoke with who had received unemployment says took 5 weeks tops, well I'm in my 5th week of waiting and no one seems to be able to give me a answer. However I am dealing with the government and I keep forgetting there motto, we want ur info NOW, but well get back to u NEVER!
Since my last post I've also moved to out my house, which was a little more stressful then I thought it was going to be. First I had a bunch of people say they were interested in my shit but when it came down to the fact the needed to pay me or come pick it up, had the hardest time getting hold of them. I couldn't get my bed sold for the longet time, and ended up giving it away and losing out on $60.
For now I'm staying at my mom's which is a challenge all in it's on I won't get into details right now but if you've been following my blog long enough you already know Exactly what I mean.
Even though it has been stressfull not having my own place, any money, and even worse not knowing when I'll be getting money I've still been trying to have a good time and make some good memories with friends and family before I leave for Calgary if I ever get there at this rate.. 

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