Monday, April 29

This weekend I..

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This weekend I,
Spent some time with both sisters, got to see both brother in laws, and the best partIot to see Adri, Hensley, and Jahmari who i haven seen in atleast 9 months

This weekend I,
Forgot how much I love toronto traffic, more importantly how I love 401 construction in toronto

This weekend I,
Watched and enjoyed UFC, Jon Jones; you da man!!take care of that nasty toe.

This weekend I,
I enjoyed some alone time, and wifi and went to town downloading more songs on my new 32GB card, thanks john!

This weekend I,
Spent hours outside with my boys, Jacob*lime green* was detrirmed to get a tennis ball out of the wall, we go it out already thru it at the wall once and the split right in half
This weekend I,
Went to the movies with Jacob to see "Scary Movie 5" it was pretty good. Lindsay Cokehan, Lohan was HORRIBLE, when I laughed at her scene it was more of a awkard chuckle, I must admit its pretty funny how she makes fun of her self. And Katt williams, totes made the movie!

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