Wednesday, February 27

Why thank you Jesus!

Lately I've been believing more and more in god, and everything he stands for. I've been praying more, and I really feel like he listens. When I need something good to happen it happens. It the strangest ways.

Take last night for example, I was leaving my bros house to go and catch the LAST bus to go home, I left with more then enough time to get there because I knew I had to stop at the store to get change for the bus.

As Im walking I realized I forgot my smokes, FML. So I pull out my phone, great I have 10 mins to run back to my moms, then make it back to catch the bus. So I said a little prayer to Jesus my homie to not let me miss that buss!

I ran back walked back really fast to my moms as fast as I could then back to the bus station as fast as I could. My heart was pounding so hard it hurt, even on a work out I don't think I've ever gone gone so hard.

So the whole way there I'm praying to Jesus to not let me miss that buss, and then cursing myself for being a god damn smoker! WTF this isn't me I'm not a smoker. I'm disgusted by it, while I use to be. I guess its more of a stress relief now, and I KNEW I couldn't get more smokes, pay day was in 3 days and I sure didn't have money for another pack.

So as I get about near the bus station I can see the bus pull away that im suppose to be on, as I yell FUCK out loud. Something tells me to just keep going maybe for whatever reason the bus that goes close to your house is still there. And it was.


you always have my back, so I raced over to the bus and the bus was just pulling away but she seen me, THANK GOD and stopped. Turns out the closest she could get me was about 5 mins from my door, perfect.

Now here's the real kicker, if I wasn't it such a up roar, I would of realized that the bus stop for this bus was right outside the store I stopped at for change.

Jesus answered my prays by letting me catch that last bus, but he sure does have a funny scene of humor.