Wednesday, February 13

Screw u Vday

Since I'm single I'm on a full dose of hater-aid, what better way to share my thoughts then though Ecards, don't worry there not ALL about hating Vday.. HAHA

Im so glad my boyfriend last year isnt my valentine last year #dodgeabullet

Vday + day off, while your single = HORRIBLE .. atleast ill be with my mom, said no one ever!

I totally LOL'd at this one

Couldnt be more tru!

My thoughts exactly..

LOL, gah I was I had single girlfriends to do just this with, well I do I just wish said single girls didnt work in the AM's during weekdays!

Which would be exactly what we'd look like if we went out to find said drunk ppl

See, a happy ecard ;)

and this one even thou I HATE apple products,


  1. Oh my gosh.... I am not a fan of Valentine's Day and I'm married! Go figure. Wish I could show up at a gathering of single ladies on Valentine's day and give a speech on how lucky they all are because they are single. I envy you girl.... sorry if your Vday sucks...Mix you a few drinks, buy yourself a box of chocolates and enjoy....

    1. thanks for stopping by it wasnt to bad , rather relaxing actually :)