Friday, January 11

Random Things, Week 8

Welcome to another wk of my random things!

8. What are 5 passions you have?

I LOVE blogging and reading my comments to see everyones thoughts. I love doing link ups and searching the web for new things to read

4.Taking pictures,
Not so much anymore but I use to be what my friends would call a "camera whore" I took it EVERYWHERE and documented EVERYTHING

not the blogging writing the short storie writing, or self writing Im working on a life book of my self, stuff thats way to personal to even share on here.

2.Working out
*im sexy and i kno it*

1.Gay rights,
I CAN NOT understand why the fuck it matters if you wanna fuck the same sex or a different sex. I CAN NOT understand how people think that they will change anything about marriage or having babies. Gay or not marriage is the same thing, two people who love each other and want to express it infront of everyone of there friends, and continue to love and grow with each other more each day. If two gay people raise a child together, how is that going to make the childs life differnt because tehy may get bullied at school, well I hope your kid is white, rich, with blong & blu eyes because thats the only way I see that not happening, even thats not enough, it better be not to short, and not to fat, not tall not skinny.

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