Monday, September 3

Weekend recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

Friday morning Amy came and picked me up so I can watch the boys. At first I thought it was just Hudson & I but Jacob was home to. Hes hudsons older brother, hes 13. He was the first of my 6 lil boys to showed and teach me that unconditional love that children show you. I learned so much from Jacob, and I hope I taught him some pretty cool stuff along the way too. I finally went to acticate my new phone, since I loved my dell streak so much I got another one. Hints why im able to post this now from my bed while watchin season 4 of the gilmore girls! After we got the phone activated I took the boys to subway *Jacobs idea even though mcdonalds is right down the street, I was impressed* then we went back to the house and watched MTV * his idea not mine, guess I did teach him a few good things's along the way ;) Audri came over for a while, then came back with her son B so him and Hudson could play together. Once my sitting duties were done Audri and I had some drinks, okay I was trashed, some is a understatement - and we headed to the local fair, which had a beer tent! However sadly enough around here thats possibly how they get the parents to bring there kids to the fair!The price on the other hand what a effin rip off! Although it was fun, the rides were a blast and it had been a really long time since I got to hang with audri!

On saturday I had to work for 5 hours, I know crazy dont over work myself right - after work I headed home to relax and found myself napping, how pathtic I know :) Saturday night Audri had he son so we took are usually crazy saturday night and spent it with B randomly driving around. Since I was exhasusted I passed out right after Audri dropped me off, at 10pm!!

I worked again, but this time for 2.5 hours! I know I really gotta stop getting crazy at work eh putting in too much time. After work I was suppose to hangout with my brother but I couldnt get ahold of him when I wanted to got frusterated with the bus schedual and went home. My WB (white bitch) she calles me her BB (black bitch) came and thankfully picked me up:) after she dropped me off I relaxed in bed with gilmore girls ALL DAY LONG it was epic! Around midnight I finally dragged this ass out of bed and went to the bar with the roomies, and got hit on by what could of possibly been the most annoying guy ever, but atleast he got the hint when I left the table for a drink unlike the last guy , well hope everyone had a good weekend :)

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