Monday, September 24

Weekend Recap

Welcome To My "weekend Recap" with Sami

I relaxed in bed until about 2, its was amazing! I drove over to Arby's with Farmer to pick up Amy's car, then I picked up Hudson from school and headed to the next town over to look at a place. I wasnt really to fond of it, it was just like a batchorlette pad, no bedroom just a room and a washroom - shared kitchen upstairs with a family. I guess its a option if all else fails, hoping I find something else soon *I cant remember if I actually posted about this, but my roommates were moving out because they couldn't find anywhere to keep there cat longer. I decided Id rather move out, and be closer to work*

I worked a whopping 5 hours, then I headed to my moms. Her, my brother and myself ate diner then my brother left again to hang with his friends. My aunt is really helping my mom out with bills and groceries and keeping her money in line. Since this I've noticed A huge difference in my mom. She's not so grumpy and stressed out, its nice to be around her now. Saturday night I relaxed at home and headed to bed early.

I was off sunday, so I litteraly spent 13 hours watching Gilmore Girls. Farmer and I have 'elevated heated level arguments" about who's a bigger nerd, I vote anyone who watches Star trek, and Star wars collects there collectables = NERD #justsaying

So lovely lil followers, how was ur weekend??

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