Tuesday, September 18

Me myself & I

Linking up with Breanna

This months 5 questions are ...
{ONE}When your're feeling down what do you do to pick yourself back up What else, I kick it with willy nelson and bob marley.

{TWO}If you had to live in a different era what era would you pick? The 70's hands down -thank you Dazed and Confused for showing the epicness that was the 70's

{THREE}Whats your most creative Holloween costume? Once I was a Timmies whore -as in a tim hortons whore ;)

{FOUR} 5 weird things about you that we wouldnt know without being told -I have no baby toe nails.
-I had a strange addication to bendryll
-I work for a cell phone company doing techinaclly support so ya when u fuck up ur phone and ur canadian -your prob calling me :)
-I gots made baby fever ...shh
-Guess thats why im getting all the me time in with the little boys
-I cant wear sun glasses that clash with my flip flops..random I know

{FIVE} What would you tell your 16 year old self, Self, your going to get adopted soon. By people who love you more then you thought you could ever hold one. Dont be so rude to your mother, later you'll find out its not her fault shes emtionally damaging you so much. When you leave, make sure your brother has :


  1. If I am looking to knock my husband out in a matter of minutes, I spike his food with benadryl. He'll be out the rest of the night and I can do what I please.

    1. LOL hmm ill keep that in mind in the future ;)