Tuesday, September 18

Ecards ;)

Heres some Ecards that I found funniest this week!

I think every girls who dated a complete douche can agree to this one..

This one made me laugh, I legit got asked out by a guy..who was already on a date!

A few years ago this girl I knew broke up a relationship, but that was totally confused on why he was leaving her for someone else!

This just made me giggle so hard!

Now I know I have some well behaved nephews and vie been blessed like no other on outings for
the most part. However theres some people you just wanna smack there kids and tell em, thats how its done! Stop letting ur child carry on and get away with EVERYTHING - however i also understand being a parent is a lot harder then being a Auntie .so don't hate k? :)

Enough said..

Thats exactly how I felt when I saw one of my ex's new girlfriends!

Yeah, some people annoy me this much!

The rule EVERYONE should live by ....


  1. Those are hilarious! I love your ecard posts, you always find the best ones. The one about the kids could not be more true! I remember being so well behaved because I was terrified of my dad punishing me! (which wasn't even bad, just sent to my room or no dessert) but kids today control their parents, they need discipline.

    1. thanks girl!
      yeah well no dessert was a huge punishment, likes like being tied and beaten type thing when your akid lol

  2. These eCards made me laugh so hard! Especially the last one! Great post Kalleen :D

    1. Oh the last one def reminded me of some people I kno lol glad u enjoyed the post usually do it once a week be sure to come back for this weeks