Tuesday, September 25

10 Tuesdays

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This week is

"10 Things You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago"

10 years ago I was 15, and I wish I knew...

Ryan's going to change your life's in ways that you couldn't imagine, instead of being your first love let him be your best friend.
Hang in there your going to have a tough year ahead of you, your going to get messy, make mistakes, learn a lot, and learn who you were really suppose to be
Your brothers your best friend, cut him some slack he's only 11 right now!
Really, you needed to smoke that weed in bible papers, get papers cheap skate
Leave Darren alone, he's your cousins cousin, and he's going to grow up to be a huge slut anyway!
You'll have to wait awhile, but eventually you'll find out about your parents, but remind myself, it will all be worth it soon.
Build a relationship with your sister, it will make your future much more simple, and less heartake
Congrats, you STILL didn't have babies .. considering almost everyone in your high school does
Yeah, your not married either.
Letting go Jeff open the best door relationship wise you could of dreamed of. Doesn't mean you wont be crushed, and crushed hard!


  1. Great list! Crazy how much we grow as people in 10 years, eh?
    Thanks for linking up! ♥

  2. hahahahaha I love number 7, so funny. This is so fun.


    1. LOL oh it was def funny, even funnier now looking back on it
      thanks for stopping by:)