Friday, April 19

Friday Letters

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Dear Blue Jays,
Tomorrows the big freaking day!

Dear Work,
Thank you SO SO SO much for schedualing 11 hour shifts all week, the week befor holidays!

Dear Holidays,
You will rock, you will be EPIC

Dear mother nature,
Please PLEASE for the love of good give good weather in every city I visit

Dear John,
Lets show St.Thomas how we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss you cant wait till tomorrow for some over due brother/sister time

Dear Amy & ; Pock,
Tomorrows gunna be awesome, thanks again for the ticket xo!!!


Next up,


-dating sucks
-one LONG day till holidays
-Bautista & jose dun fucked up themself up, prob wont play this weekend

- got a invite to a birthday party of someone I havent seen in awhile
- I went out to dinner twice this week with 2 long time friends
- one day till Blue Jays Game


Its also #backthatazzup day with Whitney!
**It also says "at the end of your Friday posts simply add a YouTube video or a Grooveshark play button of your song choice for the day" but im NOT that smart, and media sites are banned from work where I sit around and blog all day help customer make there cell phones work again.**

Top 5 songs new & old I LOVED this week!
{FIVE} * 22 - Taylor Swift, Yes I picked this last wk prob will pick it again next :p
{FOUR} * Man Down - Rihanna
{THREE} * Always On Time - Ja Rule Ft. Ashanti
{TWO} * Love - Jay Sean Ft. Birdman
{ONE} * Won't back down - Eminem ft. Pink

Im also Joining these hops today, go show some love and "meet" new people!
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  1. Stopping by from the Friday's Letters link-up and got to say....LOVING your blog design. I've been saving to have mine redone, although I'm sure that'll be postponed now that I dumped coffee into the keyboard {laptop}. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned-hope you have a blast. :-)

    1. ught that's horrible about your keyboard, I found my blog layout online for free, :)

  2. Hi looks like you have some great activity coming up, enjoy. Visiting from Aloha hop,
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose