Friday, February 8

Day 8; short term goals for this month and why

Day 8-
short term goals for this month and why

- Start a savigns fund so I can visit Tony for his bday in April

- Apply makeup, and do my hair a different way, atleast a few times a week. When I look good outside, I feel so much more better inside.

- Slowly but surely stop smoking. I want to put a end to this habbit and stop smoking by the end of the month.

- Call my doctor, sometimes I feel angry, or sad and its the the extreme. I just want to burst into tears over nothing, and I just get so anrgy and frusterated I wanna yell and punch something. Its a new feeling, and im not fond of it. Its not me, it feels weird and out of character.

- Spend more time with Jacob/hudson, because seeing someone you love so much maybe once a week, or once every other week just doesnt cut it

- Visit John & Tammy in there new home

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