Thursday, July 26


This weeks themes are: enjoying, learning, inspired by, becoming, and indulging in.

Harvesting Kale

Im currently enjoying..

The fact that in 24 hours I will be at the jays game!

Im currently learning..

That everything does happen for a reason, those who you think will never change may just surprise you.

Im currently insired by..

The 3 kids who just lost there parents yet, i havent heard one negative comment, and they ahve seemed to been nothing but strong, I hope they stay that way and continue to take care of each other...may your parents Cindy & Paul rest in paradice Sam, MarcASS, & Tayler

Im currently becoming ..

The person I was raised by, and shes not even my mom. I nit pick about all the same stuff, I feel the same way about certain issues, and im cheap just like her. :) Luv you Amy, thanks again and again for everything you do, you have done, and will continue to do

Im currently indulging in..

The fact that its almost the weekend, time to let loose!


  1. Hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoyed the Jays game!

    1. thanks wendy! the game was great hope you had a good weekend :)